Selected for a Corporate Tax Audit in mississauga? Don’t worry, we can help!

If your business has been selected for a corporate tax audit, it is important to work with an expert firm like Gary R. Landa Professional Corporation to ensure the best possible results.

Why were you selected?
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There are many triggers for a corporate tax audit including CRA noting inconsistencies in your tax returns from year to year, comparisons with other companies within the same industry or the result of random selection. In any case, it can be an uncomfortable and daunting prospect for a business owner dealing with an audit situation without the help of a trained professional.

Audits of corporate HST filing
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When you file your GST/HST refund, a pre-assessment review is conducted to identify any errors or red flags for non-compliance. Depending on the findings of the pre-assessment, CRA may further choose to conduct a post-audit assessment.

These audits are conducted solely for the purpose of HST filing errors and omissions.

How the Landa team can help
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Having professional and accurate books is especially important as it will save your business time and money in the event of an audit. The more organized, complete and accurate your corporate bookkeeping records are, the easier it will be to meet CRA’s requirements and the less troublesome the audit process will be.

If you have been selected either for a full tax or HST audit, the Landa team can help walk you through the process and even negotiate with CRA on your behalf should there be any fines or penalties as a result.

Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • We will sort everything out

    Allowing us to identify and retrieve all the forms and documentation requested by CRA rather than struggling through it on your own

  • We Talk on your behalf

    We will deal directly with the CRA auditor rather than one of your staff

  • Free your time

    This leaves you free to run your day to day operations while the audit is taking place

  • We will defend you and your business

    We understand the rights that you have under the Taxpayers Bill of Rights and will fight to defend them

  • We negotiate

    If penalties or fines are incurred, we will negotiate with CRA on your behalf to make them more manageable for your business.

Call us today

If you need assistance with the tax auditing process, or if you would simply like to be proactive and ensure that your books are in good order, give us a call today. Our initial consultation is free and there is no obligation.