Discover 4 Ways a Mississauga Accountant Can Help with Your Tax Returns

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Many taxpayers think that they have a simple tax return and it is easy for them to fill it out themselves. At Gary R. Landa, CA Professional Corporation, we had a client who was doing his elderly mother’s tax return for years.  He thought that it was very easy to complete. However, he was not aware of all the deductions that could be claimed. The first year that we did the return, she received over $10,000 in refunds. If you are not aware of all the deductions that you may claim, you will never know if you maximized your tax refund. It is why our clients choose us, for services based on 38 years’ industry experience.

Here’s How an Experienced Accountant Can Help Minimize Taxes:

  1. Deductions

An experienced accountant will have a deep understanding of the Income Tax Act and can potentially find deductions, which otherwise may have been overlooked.

  1. Detailed Filings

When tax returns are incorrectly filed, this can lead to potential audits, which often are overwhelming and expensive. By using an accountant, your chances of being audited are considerably lower.

  1. Negotiating with the CRA

Your accountant can negotiate with the CRA on your behalf. Gary R. Landa, CA Professional Corporation has 38 years of experience dealing with CRA audits. We will deal with the auditor during the audit process.

  1. Complete understanding.

Finally, there is the peace of mind that comes from working with an accountant who explains every step of the process, in as much detail as you need, to truly understand your financial and tax situations. Gary R. Landa, CA Professional Corporation in Mississauga, Ontario can provide you with practical solutions and tax strategies.

Get Professional Assistance from a Tax Specialist and Maximize Your Returns

Gary R. Landa, CA Professional Corporation, is dedicated to your personal and business tax needs. Contact us today for a consultation!

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