We are your corporate income tax professionals in mississauga

Corporate income tax for business and Not for Profit Organizations is undoubtedly very involved and specialized. While some businesses are large enough to have in-house corporate accountants, this is not the case for many organizations. Enormous benefits can come from the services of an outsourced professional such as the Landa team.

We specialize in helping businesses just like yours file their corporate income tax returns and help you to employ strategies to minimize your tax burden. Many of our business customers who come to us initially for tax returns, see the quality of our work and retain us for an even greater range of corporate accounting services.

Why you need a tax specialist on your side

As you navigate your way through corporate tax legislation and regulations, it’s important to work with someone who specializes in this field. While generalist bookkeepers and personal accountants may have some knowledge, it usually will not match the depth and breadth of that of a professional who specializes in working with corporations.

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As experts in the field, the Landa team will assist you with your corporate tax return by:

  • Accurate Preparation

    Accurately preparing and filing your T2 Corporate Tax return

  • Awareness

    Ensuring that your company is aware of any possible credits which are applicable to your business such as the Federal SR&ED for innovation and Apprenticeship credits

  • Deductions

    Identifying and maximizing potential deductions that you did not realize you were entitled to

  • Tax Assistance

    Assisting with all areas of business tax compliance including income tax, HST, payroll tax and workers’ compensation

  • Goal Planning

    Aiding you with decisions regarding short and long term goals and investments of your company by explaining and comparing their tax implications


    Assisting in structuring your corporate tax strategies, creditor proofing and succession planning

Our process

We treat each business and organization like the unique entity that it is. There are some similarities however in our approach with each client that allow us to give the best service and results possible.

  • Step 1

    Our first step is to meet with you for an initial free consultation. During this time, we will do a fact finding exercise with you in order to discover what your specific needs are and how we think that we can add the most value. We’ll also thoroughly explain what we can and cannot do, our rates as well as answer any questions about our services that you may have.

  • Step 2

    Once you decide to engage our firm, we will collect the necessary information to best accomplish the goals set out. We will consult with you as often as needed to ensure the best results for your company. Our goal is to help you pay the least amount of tax necessary while still being in full compliance with provincial and federal tax law.

Why choose us?

Gary Landa and his team have been helping businesses and organizations in the Mississauga area with their corporate needs for more than 31 years. During this time, we have proven to the local business community that we are trusted professionals who provide quality service at competitive rates.

We work as hard and as diligently for your business as we would if it were our own – because satisfied customers are our greatest asset.