What You Need to know about a Business tax audit in mississauga

Being advised that you have selected for a business tax audit is always unsettling. Not only does it mean taking time away from your regular business activities, it can also be a nerve racking process for the business owner. Even though you have complied with all the regulations and kept good records, there is the fear that past errors or oversights could come to light and have costly penalties.

Fortunately, with the expertise of Gary R. Landa, CA Professional Corporation on your side, the audit process will be a smoother and less stressful process. In addition, should any issues arise; our team will work on your behalf to negotiate with CRA to assist in minimizing any potential interest and penalties.

How did my business get selected for an audit?
When you file your business tax, CRA looks for any errors or inconsistencies to determine the probability of non-compliance issues within your company. CRA may also compare your information against information from other like business investigations or audits. There is a low risk that any firm gets audited who do not have any of these issues.
What are my responsibilities during an audit?
Thorough and accurate bookkeeping is key for any business and it is especially critical when you become the subject of an audit. Records of your business transactions should be kept for a minimum of seven years from date of assessment and if you use electronic tools such as computers to do your accounting, both paper and electronic records should be kept and made available to the auditor.

How the Landa team can help

If CRA has asked to review your business’s financial records, it is to your benefit to be working with professional corporate accountants like those at Gary R Landa, CA Professional Corporation. Some of the benefits include:

  • We speak the right language

    As accountants ourselves, we speak CRA’s “language” – we are able to quickly identify and provide them with the forms, documents and information they request.

  • We can help

    It frees you up to work on other aspects of your business. Audits can be time consuming and stressful. Without help on your side, it can be easy to let other key components of your business become neglected. Having the Landa team representing you will give you the time to focus on what’s most important to you – the smooth continual running of your business.

  • Know your rights

    As a taxpayer, you have rights which are outlined in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. As your corporate accountants, we will ensure that your rights are adhered to and that no lines have been crossed.

  • An experienced team

    The Landa team is experienced and will negotiate with CRA on your behalf to minimize your tax liability in an audit and we will also help negotiation with CRA to minimize any penalties and interest assessed to your business as a result of any non-compliance issues.

While the Landa team are experts in facilitating businesses through the audit process, it is preferable that you never need to go through the audit process at all. By retaining Gary R Landa, CA Professional Corporation as your regular corporate accountants, we work diligently to ensure that you are in full compliance with all legislation and tax regulations using the highest professional standards in the industry.

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If you’ve found yourself to be the subject of a business audit and need help through the process or if you’d like to work with a professional team of corporate accountants who can help to ensure that you don’t find yourself in that situation, give us a call.